Everything you need to know about Norman cider

Apples, basic ingredient of Norman cider

Cider is only made from apples, while perry is produced from pears and apples. The color of the cider ranges from light yellow to amber, and the drink will be clear or cloudy depending on the fruits used. As for its alcohol level, it oscillates between 2 and 6°, depending on the fermentation time.

On the art of creating cider

To produce cider, cider growers follow a series of well-practiced procedures at the time of harvesting the fruit between mid-September and mid-November. After sorting and washing the apples, they are crushed, skin, flesh and seeds combined. Then, this crushed flesh is spread on a cloth which will act as a filter, before being pressed evenly to extract the precious juice. Last step, fermentation. The apple juice is fermented in a vat for 3 to 6 months depending on the cider you want to obtain, sweet or raw.

The different tastes of cider

Sweet cider is the sweetest and least alcoholic cider (shortest fermentation), while raw cider, the result of a longer fermentation, will be more alcoholic and less sweet. But if the degree of alcohol and fermentation of the cider is an important factor in the taste of the drink, the variety or varieties of apples used are just as important. Like a wine, it is also by blending different apples (sour, sweet, bitter) that the cider maker shapes the taste of his cider.

Normandy cider under Protected Geographical Indication

Normandy cider benefits from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) label. Thanks to this, the consumer has the certainty that the cider they consume is made from Norman apples, processed on site, in a defined territory, according to a traditional process. Thus, it has the guarantee of the powerful and fruity taste of Norman cider, as well as its quality. The Norman ciders Pays d’Auge and Cotentin both benefit from the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) label.

Cider in cocktails

If, like a wine, fruity and refreshing cider is traditionally consumed alone, with buckwheat pancakes for example, it works miracles in mixology thanks to its low alcohol content, which allows it to lengthen any cocktail. Also its affordable price makes cider a drink accessible to all budgets, which can be consumed for both large and small occasions. Health !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
To consume with moderation.

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