Here are 3 tips for keeping your bread longer

We protect him
Breads and baguettes are worth wrapping. Avoid slicing them in advance so that their crust does not soften and their crumb does not dry out too quickly. You can wrap them in a clean cloth or canvas bag and especially avoid plastic which softens them and encourages mold. Finally, to keep them crispy, you can let them breathe in a wooden bread box. However, there are a few precautions to be aware of. We do not use fabric softener or scented detergent for the cloth or bread bag, and we ensure that the smell of the wooden bread bin (pine, resin) is not too strong, so as not to contaminate the bread.

We freeze it
Bread tolerates freezing very well if you follow a few common sense rules. We slip it (in slices or sections of baguette) into an airtight plastic bag and preferably let it defrost naturally, at room temperature. The microwave can be a solution when you are in a hurry, but well wrapped in absorbent paper, in the defrost position and only for a few seconds. We then let the bread rest for two minutes before removing the paper, and we are careful to never refreeze bread that has already been thawed.

We prolong its freshness
To slow down the drying out of bread, our grandmothers were more inventive. We imitate their tips to take advantage of the bread from the day before, by very lightly moistening the crust before putting it in the oven for a few minutes, at 70°C. And even more incredible, placing a stalk of celery or a piece of potato in the bag is enough to restore moisture, crispness and softness. Up to you !

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