Holiday menu: lobster caramelle from Italian chef Simone Zanoni

Who said that Italian gastronomy doesn’t have the right to enter our end-of-year holiday tables? Certainly not the starred chef Simone Zanoni who, once again, reaffirms the grandeur of Italian gastronomy in a most extravagant way. And for good reason, in this Advent period conducive to wonder, the one who runs the prestigious kitchens of the George, at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, will be the maestro of an evening dedicated to celebration, the prestigious palace having planned a whole series of events, each one more spectacular than the last. In an energetic and vibrant spirit, lovers of Italian cuisine will be invited on December 9 to celebrate the joy of Italian sharing with a Mediterranean menu twisted for the occasion using the finest ingredients. An immersive and festive nighttime experience that will transport the guests of these two extraordinary services to the Forte Dei Marmi in Rome, into the frenzy of the most beautiful social evenings.

Pasta dressed to the nines

To give us an overview of this exceptional night, there’s nothing like a tempting appetizer with one of the recipes imagined for the occasion by Simone Zanoni. On the program are “caramel” type ravioli, which the Italian chef obviously makes from A to Z, from their fine dough delicately golden with egg yolk to their subtle cooking, including of course the stuffing. And for the latter, no more usual ingredients, it is the lobster which sublimely enhances these prodigious ravioli, through a recipe calling for lemon caviar, candied leeks, bisque and verbena emulsion. “It’s delicious, it’s magnificent!” » exclaims the maestro of transalpine gastronomy, who reveals the secrets of his recipe to us, step by step. Something to inspire us a few days before Christmas Eve.

Lobster caramel, bisque, and thyme emulsion

Recipe for 4 people

For the stuffing
4 lobster tails of 280g
1 leek
15g lemon caviar
3g of Espelette pepper
15 g chives
40g fresh cream
250g butter
For the emulsion
50g of cream
50g of milk
5g of fresh verbena
10g dry verbena
For cooking
Lobster bisque
2g of butter
5g parsley
5g olive oil or garlic oil
3g of Espelette pepper
Verbena emulsion
Lemon caviar
A few fresh parsley leaves

Cook the lobster tails in salted boiling water for 2 minutes.
Finely cut the leek and let it melt in a pan with the butter until it becomes candied.
Cut the lobster tails, mix them with the lemon caviar, Espelette pepper, crème fraîche and salt.

Boil the cream with the milk, add the verbena and leave to infuse for at least 3 hours.
When serving, filter the sauce, reheat it and mix until you obtain a stable emulsion.

Cook the caramels in boiling salted water.
Saute them in the pan with the bisque, bind the dough with the sauce, finish the “mantecazione” with the parsley, garlic oil, butter and Espelette pepper.
Place the pasta on the plate, add the verbena emulsion, a few grains of lemon caviar and cut parsley leaves for freshness. And why not a touch of caviar for the holidays?

Buon appetito!

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