Ginger, the boosting asset

The benefits of ginger

Top-notch digestion
Ginger resolves all digestive ailments. Bloating, digestive laziness, bile production, it’s simple, thanks to ginger, digestion in the broad sense of the term is improved. And thanks to its fat-burning effect, it is perfect for staying in shape and having (or regaining) a flat stomach!

Immediate boost
As ginger is a general stimulant (physical, mental, sexual), it is perfect for boosting yourself on a daily basis. However, avoid before going to sleep!

Sore throat
Antiviral and antibacterial, nothing beats ginger tea for sore throats. Recipe ? Simply pour boiling water over grated fresh ginger and let it steep for ten minutes before filtering.

Even if it seems anecdotal, people suffering from motion sickness will find an effective ally in ginger. Also ideal in case of nausea, migraine, or even a hangover. Bye bye Doliprane!

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