How to put together your Christmas cheese platter?

Which Christmas cheeses for sweet lovers?

For lovers of sweetness, we opt for the Bûchette de Banon, this Provençal specialty made with goat’s milk, which offers a magnificent balance between freshness and taste. It is a fresh, creamy and mild cheese, lightly flavored with a sprig of savory, a typical herb from Provence. A delight to enjoy accompanied by a white Côte de Provence and savory bread for a trip to the gates of the Alpilles, for an ideal food-wine pairing.

Which Christmas cheeses for lovers of strong flavors?

In the heart of Orne, a fruit of the Normandy terroir, Normandy Camembert with Calvados offers a beautiful presence on the palate. In the glass, we focus on a young essence of apple (a calvados two or three years old), and the fine and strong flavors of the cheese lend themselves to tasting on a toast of country bread.

Which Christmas cheeses for truffle lovers?

Brie de Meaux AOP with raw milk and truffles is a taste gem! It is the king of cheeses, with a developed bouquet, at the heart of which we add a preparation based on fresh cheese and summer truffle which gives it a lovely fragrant sweetness. You can also choose Moliterno with truffles, an Italian cheese to take as an aperitif, and to enjoy in small pieces with pistachios. Champagne will be perfect as an accompaniment for these two cheeses. It will highlight each of their specificities, while providing suavity. To serve, a slightly crusty bread like a sesame baguette will be the ideal solution!

Which Christmas cheeses for lovers of sweet and sour flavors?

The fig and walnut Roquefort will make everyone agree. When the superbly matured sheep’s milk embraces the sweet scent of fig with a woody touch of walnut, it’s a real gastronomic event in just one bite. Monbazillac will be an ideal companion for this cheese, which will be delicately placed on a traditional baguette.

Which Christmas cheeses for goat lovers?

To enter the goat world, the Chabichou shines with the elegance of its bouquet, when it is at the beginning of maturation. In glasses, it goes very well with a dry white wine then, when it becomes drier, it is an incredible opening to new gourmet associations: fruit confit, honey, fresh fruit like apple, fruit dry and nutty.

Which Christmas cheeses for cow lovers?

With the Comtés of 12, 24 and 36 months, the entire incredible history of maturing is revealed when tasting. From dry white wine to yellow wine, they will capture the best of the salty notes of Comté.

Which Christmas cheeses for sheep lovers?

The Corsican lands accompany us with a Tomme Corsoise made from sheep’s milk which is served with black cherry or fig jam. A delight to taste with a Sartene wine like Fiumicicoli, with a delicately fruity taste.

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