How to ripen mango faster?

The mango ripens depending on the climate to which it is exposed. To keep a ripe mango in optimal conditions, keep it cool in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. If, on the other hand, the mango is not completely ripe (a factor that can be verified by the smell, appearance and texture of its skin), everything depends on room temperature. Typically, a mango can take anywhere from a few days to a week to fully ripen. However, by using the methods we offer, you can speed up the process, and make this matter a matter of hours!

Place the fruit near the apples and bananas

Just as there are methods to make avocado ripen faster, there are methods for mangoes. First tip: place it whole in a paper bag or newspaper, enclosed with a few apples or bananas. These so-called climacteric fruits release ethylene, a gas which is naturally released from bananas and apples, and which, in contact with other fruits or even vegetables, accelerates their ripening process.

The windowsill

Mango is the exotic fruit par excellence, which transports us to golden sandy beaches with the slightest bite. To speed up its ripening, place it unopened in a warm, sunny place during the day, such as on your windowsill. You will see, in the evening, it will already have almost reached maturity.

Dip the mango in rice

We may not think about it, but rice accelerates the ripening of fruits. The reason ? Rice also contains ethylene. These seeds therefore have the virtue of accelerating the ripening process of the mango. Dip it, whole, in a bowl of uncooked rice and let the magic work for a day or afternoon depending on the initial state of ripeness of the mango.

For each of these tips, remember to check the condition of the mango over time. This way, you will avoid getting the opposite effect to that hoped for: an overripe, soft and expired mango.

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