Nina Métayer and Deliveroo offer a baking class to families in need

To close the year 2023, Deliveroo, giant of home meal delivery, has joined forces with Nina Métayer, best pastry chef in the world of 2023 with a desire: to carry out solidarity action by helping the families of the French Secours populaire .

A meeting of sharing and prestige

So that everyone can celebrate the end of 2023, Nina Métayer has imagined a recipe for a chocolate-pear pastry log, to prepare with families in need. The action took place at the Atelier des Chefs in Paris-Penthièvre, with the Deliveroo teams. Around a cooking class dedicated to Christmas dessert, the chef went to meet the families supported by the association. For two hours, parents and children only thought about one thing: the magic of Christmas. A great initiative and a moment of sharing which will have allowed these people in precarious situations to experience an unforgettable moment and, too, to be able to enjoy a beautiful Christmas log.

Deliveroo users respond to app action

From the start of the festivities period, from December 11 to 29, 2023, Deliveroo launched a major action: for each ingredient necessary to prepare this chocolate-pear log purchased on the application, €1 was donated to Secours populaire français. This idea not only warmed the hearts of families in need, but also offered users of the platform the possibility of reproducing the recipe for a signature log at home. Thanks to this solidarity action, €100,000 was raised and enabled the implementation of this project.

Small gestures that bring balm to the heart at the start of the year.

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