Pinterest Trends 2024: the food trends that will make you salivate next year

Aimed at anticipating the trends that will shape the year to come, this Pinterest report offers insight into the preferences of its 480 million monthly users around the world. If cooking with flowers and seaweed were the key culinary trends of the previous year, the year 2024 opens up new gastronomic horizons.

Surprising flavor combinations

In 2024, Pinterest predicts an explosion of flavors with the “fast food fusion” trend, where unexpected combinations of flavors and cultures become the norm. All generations will succumb to “malboufusion”, according to the term used by Pinterest, with creations such as “Pizza pie” up 55% or “Candy skewers” ​​on the rise with growth of 170%. The surprising “Carbonara Ramen” climbs 165%, the featured “Cheeseburger Tacos” experience an impressive increase of 255%, and the “Quesadilla-style Burger” seduces with growth of 80%.

Under the spotlights of the tropics

Whether in drinks or dishes, pineapple is positioned as the culinary star of the year. Trends to watch include “Pineapple Mocktails” with an increase of 70%, as well as an increase of 50% for “Mixed Pineapple Upside Down Cake”, but also an increase of 35% for the “Hawaiian Sheet Pan Chicken”, a recipe for chicken with pineapple and peppers. In the kitchen as in decoration, the exotic will experience a meteoric rise, with coconut or hibiscus print as a source of inspiration.

Whether you are a fan of “malboufusion” or a tropical atmosphere, these trends promise a year 2024 full of taste discoveries. Prepare to amaze your taste buds with these culinary innovations that will cause a sensation over the coming months.

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