What to eat in the morning when you are tired?

We strengthen the immune system

To wake up gently, you tame the alarm clock by preparing your digestive tract. from the moment you get out of bed with a minute detox hot water juice made from squeezed lemon, ginger which strengthens the immune system and a little turmeric powder, a powerful anti-inflammatory rich in antioxidants.

We stock up on protein

To add a little pep and energy to your breakfast, you can opt for plant-based milks (lactose free) that are easier to digest, but you can also prepare your own homemade organic almond milk. It’s then easy to customize it as you wish with superfoods with superpowers like raw cocoa or maca powder.

Let’s go for vitamins

A vitamin-packed breakfast is one of the best ways to start the day. To get in shape, a fruit salad rich in fiber is always a good idea or do like the Americans who mix the juice of one or more fruits (banana, apple or pear) and vegetables into a green smoothie. raw (avocado, cucumber or salad leaves), a little almond milk and some spices (cinnamon, ginger, spirulina, matcha, etc.). We don’t hesitate to slip a tablespoon of klamath or spirulina into a smoothie to feel the effects of power all day long.

We opt for gluten-free

When you are tired, you have to take care of your digestion and your colon. A good gesture is to twist your white bread with a power bowl made with oatmeal, homemade granola or porridge to prepare the day before. The most trendy will easily imitate the fit girls with an acai bowl rich in energy and antioxidants. To treat stomach upset, you can also add a dose of superfood: such as powdered Peruvian carob, with a caramel flavor and rich in vitamins and nutrients, or silk lucuma with a hazelnut flavor. We also think of chia seeds which bring crunch to the mixture and/or organic pollen grains, little nuggets for health.

We focus on fibers

To help digestion and boost morale, we go green. How ? By focusing on chlorophyll found in fruits and green vegetables rich in fiber, but also fresh herbs. You can also imitate the Californian avocado toast drizzled with lemon juice and if you are in a hurry, prepare homemade energy bars or vegetable cakes in advance to share.

We focus on alternatives to sugar with a low glycemic index

To sweeten without sprinkling white sugar, we rely on alternatives with a lower glycemic index such as honey, maple syrup, yacon syrup from Peru, but also coconut sugar or simply dates, ideal to flavor a dish or create a creamy texture!

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