Should you eat the salad before or after the dish?

Salad, like all leafy vegetables, is a mine of vitamins and minerals, and its regular consumption contributes to better overall health. While some prefer to start the meal with salad, others enjoy it at the end of the meal, sometimes as an accompaniment or transition to cheese. While the choice of eating salad before or after the meal depends on several factors, including cultural traditions and personal preferences, it also depends on your nutritional needs and affects the quality of digestion.

Salad at the start of the meal

While there are no strict rules, for several reasons it is better to eat the salad before the main course.
Rich in fiber, salad helps control appetite and contributes to the feeling of satiety. Especially if you take the time to chew it. In addition, these fibers slow the absorption of carbohydrates and thus maintain a more stable blood sugar level. Which is particularly beneficial for people looking to control their blood sugar or avoid insulin spikes.

Finally, salad is 95% water and eating foods rich in water first, such as fruits or salads, facilitates the digestive process. These foods are digested more quickly and prepare the stomach for more complex foods, especially those rich in starch, proteins and lipids, which require longer and more difficult digestion. Starting with salad makes it easier to digest the rest of your meal.

You have understood, to choose, it is better to eat the salad at the start of the meal, to trigger and facilitate digestion as well as manage blood sugar levels.

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