Don't throw away mushroom stems: 5 tips to stop wasting them

Just yesterday, did you have the bad habit of cutting off the stems of your mushrooms and throwing them away thinking they were inedible? Know that nothing in their composition is dangerous. On the contrary, from a nutritional point of view, feet are particularly concentrated in phosphorus, a nutrient which strengthens bones, associated with calcium. On the other hand, clean the earthy feet sufficiently and if necessary cut off an inch. Since nothing is lost, everything is transformed, we give you some zero waste ideas for cooking your mushroom stems.

How to cook mushroom stems?

In broth

First perfect tip for fall: make a broth with your mushroom stems and even the peelings by browning the trimmings with shallots, garlic, and thyme, in a little butter. Deglaze with white wine and add water. You can add noodles, nuoc mam and soy sauce, chicken and bok choy. You then get a delicious and comforting soup with Asian accents. The broth could also be used to moisten a delicious fall risotto. Another autumn recipe based on broth, make a seasonal velouté of mushroom stems by browning them with garlic and shallots which you mix with your broth and crème fraîche. Time for tasting.

As a stuffing

Chopped, your mushroom stems transform into a delicious stuffing that can be completed with meat or vegetables. As they cook, they will release water, making the roasted meat or vegetable tender and juicy.

In sauce

Transform them into a crème fraîche-based forest sauce to accompany your pasta or poultry supremes. The ideal for a forest sauce is to use chanterelles, chanterelles or porcini mushrooms.

In salad

Cut, seasoned and mixed, raw mushroom stems can be used as a salad to start the meal. Season them with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley and that’s it. Be careful, not all mushrooms are edible raw.

As a garnish

Hat or foot, the taste remains the same. Fry your feet like your hats, in butter with parsley and garlic. Add them to the bottom of a quiche, pizza or omelette. You can also add them to a risotto to give more flavor or even to enhance a puree.

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