I'm a cooking journalist and here are my 3 favorite easy-to-make chicken recipes

Autumn spices, lemon zest, garlic, aromatics, fresh herbs, chicken can handle it all, thanks to its mild flavor. Bonus point, it is very easy to cook. Bonus point++, it is one of the least expensive meats. To help you, I’m giving you my three favorite recipes, ultra-easy to make.

Recipe #1: chicken breast marinated in soy sauce

I have already told you about it in my tips for cooking chicken breast: the marinade. Among my favorite preparations, that with soy sauce is the easiest to implement, for always successful results.

How to do ? I cut my chicken breasts into more or less large cubes. I put them in a salad bowl, and I add all the condiments from the sushi orders lying around in my refrigerator: salty soy sauce + sweet soy sauce + wasabi + candied ginger. Generally, I rely on the color of the chicken breasts to adapt the seasoning depending on the quantity of meat. If they seem a little pale to me, I don’t hesitate to add a little soy sauce. Indeed, it is the latter which seasons the chicken perfectly.
After marinating for a while, I sear them over high heat in a pan to brown them well on each side (again and again the famous Maillard reaction).

Recipe no. 2: roast chicken with spices

Second recipe even easier than the first: the classic roast chicken! Like many people, roast chicken is one of my guilty pleasures, and I cook it very regularly, especially on Sundays.

How to do ? I place my chicken, free of its string, in an oven dish. I insert two/three cloves of garlic inside, then I incise the skin between the thighs and the breasts to insert two degermed garlic cloves. I brush the chicken with oil, and add the spices of my choice. Among my favorites in autumn: smoked paprika, ginger, Espelette pepper, black pepper, without forgetting salt. For my part, I am generous with spices, if I add them, I seriously add them! In cooking, I find it essential to take responsibility for your choices. If you hesitate before adding this or that ingredient, it is better to pass.

When the chicken is covered with spices, I add a few new potatoes around it, some garlic cloves in their skins (with the skin), and I bake for about 1 hour at 190°C, turning the chicken halfway through. cooking.

Once cooked, I cover the chicken to let it rest before serving, so the juice is distributed in the flesh for a very soft tasting result.

Recipe #3: easy cordon bleu

When I want the ultimate comfort, I prepare homemade cordon bleu, in a simplified version. Yes, purists will find fault with this preparation without breadcrumbs, but honestly when you lack time and/or motivation, English breading + breadcrumbs is not one of my priorities. Conversely, I prefer to generously garnish my chicken breasts with cold meats + cheese, while brushing the meat with mustard or sauce.

How to do ? I open my chicken breasts in a wallet (incision on one side across the entire width, while leaving the second side unincised). I brush each side with mustard, barbecue sauce, or whatever. I add the cold meats of my choice to one half: bacon, ham, mild or spicy chorizo. I have the cheese: raclette, brie, camembert, cancoillotte. Optionally, I top it off with a few thin slices of classic or sweet and sour pickles. I close it and brush the top with mustard or something else.
Finally, I bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 180°C depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts.
If the meat seems too pink in the middle after this cooking time, extend it by 3 minutes.

I let it rest a little covered before serving for a very soft meat.

Enjoy your food !

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