These actions not to do when making crepes

Pancake batter is one of the simplest recipes. Milk, flour, and eggs are enough. With such a simple recipe, it would be unthinkable to fail it! However, certain preparation methods would interfere with obtaining a perfect pancake. Here are some mistakes that we have all made at least once when preparing our Candlemas snack.

Not paying attention to the order of ingredients

Incorporating the ingredients in the correct order is essential. Let’s not add them blindly, since, no, starting with the milk and ending with the flour does not achieve the same result. So we start with the dry ingredients, with the flour and sugar (if you add any), then the eggs, and finally, the milk, which we incorporate little by little.

Do not sift the flour

Instead of adding the flour to the preparation all at once, take the time to sift it using a sieve, little by little. In this way, the flour will be finer and the milk will be incorporated more easily. A way to give the milk time to infiltrate the flour correctly, and to obtain a very smooth pancake batter without lumps!

Pour the batter directly into the pan, without letting it rest

We would be tempted to prepare the pancake batter “in a hurry”. However, succeeding in the kitchen requires taking your time. And this for all recipes, from the longest to the quickest, starting with pancakes. We do not ignore the recommended resting time for the pancake batter and, once ready, place it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. As it rests, the starch in the flour swells, allowing the dough to thicken. This way, you will spread it and turn it more easily in the pan, for even fluffier pancakes!

Cook your pancakes in oil rather than butter

Be careful with the oil, especially if it is typical, its particular taste would alter that of the pancake. We prefer a neutral oil, or salted butter, to enhance the taste. Be careful though, butter makes the pancake tasty, but burns quickly in the pan. To avoid browning your utensils and your preparation, add a touch of oil with the butter in the pan. This way, the oil will prevent the pancake from burning, and the butter will soften its texture. The perfect combo!

Flip the pancake too soon

Remember, the pancake is ready to be turned when small bubbles form on the surface of the dough, its edges come off and everything begins to brown. Once these three criteria are met, you can fry the pancake! On average, for a very hot pan, let each side of the pancake cook for up to 30 seconds.

From now on, you have all the keys in hand to prepare a successful crepe!

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