This little detail about the avocado will definitely tell you if it's ripe

Producer from Maison Emali and supplier of vegetables to major hotels and chef Cyril Lignac, Yoni Cohen recommends carefully checking the avocado peduncle.

To check that the ripeness of the avocado is neither excessive nor too advanced and thus purchase one ready for consumption, “do not hesitate to touch it”. Without this first verification criterion, essential for choosing the right fruits and vegetables, you reduce your chances of bringing the right avocado home by 99%. Although there is a trick to making avocado ripen faster, here we allow you to no longer have to wait even a few hours.

“It all starts with the tip”

As a reminder, “a good avocado appearance can be deceiving!” Like “Kinder surprises,” these fruits are real little mysteries.” Yes, they can be blackened or still too green on the inside, with the same external appearance.

To avoid this unpleasant surprise when opening the lawyer, “you have to check its tip. That's where it all starts, whether it's the maturity or the deterioration of the product, an avocado, when you touch its tip and you feel it soft, I would advise you to choose another one, chances are let it be black inside.” Also, the presence of small black dots on the surface of the avocado is a bad sign.

You will know what to do next time you go to the market!

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