This Pavlova Recipe Everyone Will Want to Copy for the Holidays

She’s the woman everyone’s talking about. And for good reason, at the head of the Peninsula’s sweet menu since March 2022, Anne Coruble has just been elected Pastry Chef of the Year 2024 by La Liste. A remarkable distinction which salutes the elegant creations, with subtle originality, of the one who joined the kitchens of the prestigious palace in 2019.

A baking prodigy

Originally from Normandy where his family instilled in him the values ​​of local produce and good eating very early on, this rising star of pastry making has continued to redouble his efforts to crown his career with duly deserved success. Anne Coruble can indeed boast of having previously received countless awards such as the Passion Dessert distinction from the Michelin Guide in 2021 and the Gastronomic Excellence Prize in 2022. Thanks to years spent in close collaboration with the chef David Bizet, she has developed an approach to pastry combining avant-garde and high standards, while reinventing classics of the genre with virtuosity. His latest creation? The Christmas log that she reinterprets as a dessert looks like a work of art, between culinary audacity and refined aesthetics. A seasonal dessert that cannot overshadow her other recipes, like the essential pavlova that she revisits with lots of cinnamon.

An ultra-desirable holiday dessert

Exit the traditional red fruits which are not in season, whose tangy taste usually enhances the sweetness of Chantilly cream. The Peninsula’s pastry chef uses the famous spice but also white chocolate and speculoos to imagine a cream and fudge with the most comforting winter flavors, on a base of French meringue and touches of mascarpone yogurt. A generous dessert whose lightness in the mouth evokes that of the original recipe: that of a young pastry chef from Wellington madly in love with the Russian star Anna Pavlova who, in 1926, is said to have created a dessert as airy as the tutu of the dancer. Or when haute pastry reclaims its own poetry.

Cinnamon and yogurt pavlova recipe

For 4 people

French meringue

100g egg whites
100g white sugar
100g of icing sugar

Beat the egg whites with a third of the caster sugar. Blend at medium speed and add the sugar in three batches. Finish by adding the sifted icing sugar. Place in a beveled piping bag and pipe on baking paper using a disk turner, potter’s wheel or by hand to 4 crowns thickness.
Place to dry in the oven at 60°C for 1 hour. Unmold and store dry.
Creamy cinnamon cream
90g whole milk
1 stick of cinnamon
2g of 200 Blooms gelatin
12g of water
160g white chocolate
70g of crushed speculoos
160g of liquid cream with 35% fat

Hydrate the gelatin in water. Heat the milk with the cinnamon stick, let it infuse for 20 minutes. Strain, return to heat with the gelatin mass. Pour in 3 batches over the melted white chocolate. Add the crushed speculoos then mix before adding the liquid cream.

Cinnamon fudge
25g maple syrup
250g of brown vergeoise
15g of T55 flour
3g of baking powder
75g of butter
2g of fine salt
123g sweetened condensed milk
5g cinnamon powder

Cook all the elements in a saucepan at 112°C.
Pour onto a Silpat canvas or baking paper to a thickness of 5mm. When cold, cut into cubes measuring 1 cm on each side. Store at 4°C.

Yogurt cream

45g mascarpone
167g Greek yogurt
91g of Isigny cream
1g of fine salt
2g gelatin
12g of water
7g lemon juice
20g of sugar

Hydrate the gelatin in water. Mix all the elements with a whisk without the gelatin. Mix the melted gelatin and the mascarpone mixture, yogurt, cream, lemon juice, sugar, etc.

Milk veil
200g liquid cream with 35% fat
10g whole milk
10g of sugar
2g of agar-agar
3g of gelatin
18g of water

Heat the cream and milk with the sugar mixed with the agar-agar. Bring to a good boil then add the gelatin mass separately. Pour onto a lightly greased Silpat canvas. Cut into 9cm rounds once cooled.


In the pavlova crown, pipe a disk of cinnamon cream. Add 6 pieces of fudge then pipe the yogurt cream on top. Repeat the operation a second time, finish by piping the yogurt cream with a 20mm nozzle. Add a veil of milk, sprinkle with cinnamon powder and a little gold leaf. Taste.

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