Tips for keeping a salad fresh as long as possible

Salad is an excellent vegetable for health, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, while being low in calories. Its freshness and crunch make it a versatile ingredient that goes very well with other raw vegetables, fruits, meats or cheeses, for mixed salads or as a simple accompaniment. But as healthy as it is, salad is a sensitive vegetable that requires special care to be preserved as long as possible.

Store the salad

To keep your salad fresh as long as possible, start by washing and drying it. Before storing, gently wash the salad leaves in a bowl of cold water to remove dirt and residue. For better preservation, add a little white vinegar to the water which kills bacteria and prevents the salad from decomposing. Then make sure to dry it well, preferably using a salad spinner or by gently dabbing it with a clean cloth. Residual moisture can promote rot, so drying is crucial.

Another tip is to include hard bread with the salad. If this may seem surprising to you, know that it is extremely effective. The hard bread actually acts as a moisture absorber, helping to prevent the salad from wilting by removing excess moisture. Opt for dry bread or stale bread rather than fresh bread because hard bread will absorb moisture better. Once you have cleaned and dried your salad, place it in an airtight container or storage bag. Then add a few pieces of hard bread to the container with the salad and seal the container or storage bag before storing in the refrigerator.

Revitalize a green salad

To freshen up your slightly wilted salad, start by removing any damaged leaves. Then immerse the salad in a bowl of lukewarm water for fifteen minutes, then transfer it to a bowl of very cold water for a few minutes. The thermal shock will revive its freshness and crunch.

To avoid successive baths, there is a simple tip to restore tone to a green salad: prepare a bowl of fresh water and add two squares of sugar or powdered sugar. Then leave the leaves in the water for 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing them thoroughly. The more dehydrated your salad is, the longer it will take.

By taking care to handle the salad delicately and choosing the right storage methods, it is possible to fully enjoy its benefits and taste for several weeks.

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