3 tips for enhancing a bowl of peas

We love peas and yet, when we eat them alone, we tell ourselves that there is a little something missing. If we collect them from a can, they will surely have soaked in sugar water, which will make them very tasty. However, without this brine water, we quickly find that the peas could be improved. Fresh herbs, spices, special pea sauces, we share ideas with you for experimenting with different flavor combinations with peas.

Fresh herbs and spices

In cooking, herbs will always delight with the flavor of early vegetables. Opt for freshness with chopped mint, chopped basil leaves to enhance the sweetness of the peas, or even Provence herbs for a powerful note in the mouth.

To awaken the palate when tasting peas, dare to use spices, starting with chili pepper. The latter will add a real pep to your peas. Otherwise, choose paprika for a hint of sweetness between fruits and spices, or even cumin to add a woody flavor.

To sprinkle directly on the peas with a touch of salt and why not, a sauce.

Sauces adapted to the taste of peas

The best way to enhance and combine the flavor of peas will be through the use of sauces. So that the sauce does not overpower the flavor of the peas, opt for light ones, not too thick and subtly flavored. Enough to add a little je ne sais quoi to your bowl of peas without erasing it.

For a creamy touch: a crème fraîche and chives sauce
Mix crème fraîche with freshly chopped chives, salt and a little pepper to make a delicious sauce.

For a touch of pep: garlic sauce
Melt butter in a pan, add finely chopped garlic and simmer briefly. Pour over the cooked peas.

For a touch of freshness: lemon mint sauce
Mix the juice of a fresh lemon with fresh mint, a little salt and pepper. This mixture will make your peas suddenly tangy!

For an umami touch: parmesan sauce
Parmesan has this indescribable, almost additive, amber flavor. In a saucepan, pour crème fraîche then parmesan. Let it melt gently until you obtain a homogeneous texture.

For a sweet note: balsamic cream
For even quicker seasoning, pour a little balsamic cream over the peas, sprinkled with a little brewer's yeast for a touch of character.

On your hands, get cooking!

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