Traditional recipes to warm us up

With the temperatures dropping, we just want to comfort ourselves with a generous dish. Here is our selection of 48 authentic recipes that encourage you to take out your apron and get cooking.

At this time of year and as the festivities approach, times when we get together with our loved ones, we opt for convivial dishes. To prepare these large tables, let’s practice: let’s cook. The few comforting recipes that we present to you will only make you appreciate the cold time of the year.

Warm up in the kitchen

After having punctuated our meals with fresh plates in the summer season, it’s time for hot and hearty dishes, to face the winter which is fast approaching. Like a hibernation time in the kitchen, let’s take the time to cook up some delicious dishes.

Let’s escape with the mountain flavors of cheese, in tartiflette or potato gratin with Camembert and warm up with simmered dishes, like cassoulet or a sea pot au feu, for a change from meat.

Leg of lamb, baked apples, blanquettes, soups or risotto, these dishes are among the most comforting. The reason ? They are hot, velvety, crunchy or au gratin. Preparing them in the kitchen certainly requires a certain amount of preparation time, but can only make us proud to be the cook.

Savoring these meals also means combining spices and herbs with tender meat, gratinating potatoes or sweet potatoes and adding beer, coconut milk and cider to oven preparations. So many combinations of flavors that make us melt and bring balm to our hearts in these cool and gray times which make us want only one thing: to stay at home.

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