We found Cyril Lignac’s pancake recipe!

Making crepes is an art. Make no mistake, if the recipe seems childish, there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid if you want to make your pancakes successfully. For this, we trust our favorite chefs, who always have one or two tricks up their sleeves.

How to make Cyril Lignac crepes?

Cyril Lignac’s tip for lump-free pancake batter

Patience ! Indeed, when we are in a hurry, we tend to mix all the ingredients at the same time. As a result, lumps form and you have to take out the hand blender to make up the pancake batter.
To avoid this problem, the chef recommends adding the flour in three batches to the mixture. First, add half of the indicated quantity of flour, then half of the rest (so a quarter), then the last remaining quarter. For example, for 200 g of flour, you will need to start with 100 g of flour, then 50 g and another 50 g. Between each addition, whisk very vigorously, and pour in a drizzle of milk to loosen the dough. Once all the flour is incorporated, all that remains is to gradually add the rest of the milk while mixing, then flavor the dough as desired.
Finally, you will note that there is no need to let the pancake batter rest in this recipe.

Cyril Lignac’s pancake recipe

No more suspense, here is the recipe that the chef posted on Instagram. The steps were detailed later during the live broadcast “Tous en cuisine”.

For 10 pancakes

  • 3 eggs
  • 250g of flour
  • 50 cl of milk
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoon of sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • orange blossom or vanilla

Break the eggs into a salad bowl and beat them.
Add half of the flour, mix vigorously.
Add another half of the remaining flour.
Pour in a splash of milk to relax the dough.
Add the rest of the flour.
Add the milk gradually while whisking.
Finish by adding the sugar, salt and orange blossom (or vanilla).
Grease a hot pan with neutral oil.
Pour in a ladleful of batter and swirl the pan to distribute the batter evenly. Let it brown on each side and start again until the dough is used up.

As for the topping, the chef confided in an interview on RTL that he had a preference for the trio of banana shock, whipped cream and spread.
Note that this recipe, although it contains a little sugar, is also suitable for savory pancakes. Lovers of wholemeal pancakes will therefore be delighted.

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