What are the foods to glow?

Allies for beautiful skin

We know it is beta carotene (or pro vitamin A) which allows you to obtain a nicely tanned complexion, but it is not only carrots and orange foods that should be included on the menu. Indeed, other foods such as spinach, sorrel or watercress have an interesting contribution and are great allies for beautiful skin. Note that dried apricots and dried mango are particularly rich in beta carotene, the proportion of which is increased with the dehydration of the product.

We also go for citrus fruits rich in vitamin C which maintains the suppleness of the skin, but it is also a good idea to focus on kiwi, blackcurrant and parsley. An express healthy glow recipe? We squeeze raw red beets with an apple, two carrots and lemon juice. Top also turmeric! Known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, it is also an effective antioxidant, with an “anti-aging” effect. Easy to combine in the morning with squeezed lemon juice.

We also remember to drink enough, 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water per day to maintain good skin hydration. And we note that drinking in the morning upon waking remains the must to gently restart the digestive system, detoxify the body and brighten the complexion.

The enemies of “good looks”

We inevitably avoid coffee, alcohol and stimulants in general, but also refined foods such as sweets, white bread, pastries, or industrially prepared meals. Finally, we remember that to shine and be at the top of the “shine” all year round, we say stop to drastic, unbalanced diets that exclude fats. Yes, yes… as well as low-calorie diets which can have repercussions on premature aging of the skin.

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