What do we eat tonight ?

The “lazy chic” option: toast

To be enjoyed selfishly with your fingertips on the sofa or to share, toast is a quick and easy essential. We love spreading fresh goat’s cheese or fresh cheese on a slice of wholemeal or toasted cereal bread, garnished with slices of crunchy vegetables and chopped spring onion. Top and just as delicious, the twist on the famous avocado-shrimp duo in a fresh toast version. How do we do ? Place peeled shrimp mixed with a little mayonnaise or light yogurt on toasted bread and cover with slices of avocado and chopped salad.

© Grégoire Kalt

The “vacation forever” option: ceviche

You can extend the holiday spirit by enjoying ceviche, this dish made from sliced ​​raw fish, delicately marinated and cooked with lemon juice. This Peruvian delicacy combines the freshness of fish with the power of spices and aromatics (garlic, chili, coriander, ginger and even red onion). Whether you prefer sole and basil or cod, mango and coriander, when tasting it, you can still imagine your feet in the sand…

The “free style” option: the rustic tart

Making a pie requires precision? Yes but no ! During the week, we easily abandon our accessories to shape a savory tart with our fingertips, with irregularities and deliciousness, right in line with the rustic trend of the moment. If the goat cheese-tomato-cherry duo is a formidable basic, which continues to prove itself, the mix of candied tomato − artichoke in oil − spring onion, simply slipped between two pizza doughs, in focaccia, could well take away its taste. victory.

Goat cheese tart and cherry tomatoes_reference

© Jérôme Bilic

The “melting pot” option: salad

What’s easier than a salad when you’re in a hurry? For a colorful and summery dish, complement it with vegetables (tomato, avocado, arugula), but also fruits (nectarine or raspberry), and why not a generous and creamy ball of burrata. Also perfect are shredded chicken breasts which are spiced with nuoc-mâm, chilli and lime, before mixing with fresh onions, cherry tomatoes and sliced ​​cucumber. A tangy and easy salad.

The “low cost” option: marinated chicken

For the end of a difficult month, we rely on chicken, economical and easy to cook, which we enhance with a simple express marinade. Yogurt, lemon, cumin; red onion, thyme, candied tomatoes; or even homemade pesto in which the chicken with open wings is dipped so that it gains flavor. Delights for all budgets.


© Jérôme Bilic

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