What if we opted for a Valentine's Day menu worthy of a great gourmet chef?

Lack of inspiration, fear of playing déjà vu, no problem! Chefs, whether starred or not, all have this quest for taste and innovation in common. Reimagined shapes, unstructured dishes, incongruous associations, it’s simple, at the table of gourmet chefs, all our senses are in turmoil and our points of reference destabilized. Far from being negative, this (slight) loss of reference is a way of transgressing the known, by daring something new. And what better way to seduce your loved one?

As a starter, imitate the ravioli recipe of chef Antoine Westermann, poultry expert. Simply seasoned with spices such as anise or ginger, the meat is delicately enclosed in wonton wrapper and poached in broth.

© Brigitte Baudesson

Discover the recipe for Poultry broth, ravioli, parsley

Another proposal at Juan Arbelaez with a scallop carpaccio, always seasoned with ginger (a well-known aphrodisiac food), but also with chives, lemon, hazelnuts, and especially chili to raise the temperature.

© Benedetta Chiala

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As a main course, why not play the land-sea between monkfish and chorizo ​​like chef Pascal Arcé? Between roundness and strength, the evening promises to be hot!


© Louis Laurent Grandadam

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Another proposition with this shoulder of lamb signed Eric Frechon. Richly flavored with spices, tomatoes – out of season it is better to use equally tasty canned tomatoes – and dried fruits, this recipe will delight meat lovers.

Moorish-candied milk-fed lamb shoulder

© Pierre Baëlen

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As for desserts, those who use a piping bag to perfection can start making this pear charlotte, subtly scented with jasmine tea, signed by pastry chef Maxime Frédéric at Tout-Paris. Ideal for lovers of sweetness who want to end this gourmet Valentine’s Day menu on a light note.

Pear charlotte with jasmine

© Pierre Baëlen

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Finally, for chocoholics, three-star chef Emmanuel Renaut has imagined an intense and delicious dessert based on dark chocolate ganache (aphrodisiac) and honey, and coffee custard. Easy to make and ultra-gourmet, this dessert does not require extensive pastry experience to be successful. Ideal for beginners.

Chocolate cream and coffee custard

© Jérôme Galland

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And happy Valentine’s Day!

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