What is the best way to store grapes so that they last as long as possible?

Ideally, grapes should be consumed within a day, because after two or three days their taste deteriorates. But when this is impossible, the grapes should be stored in a cool place, well wrapped in a paper bag or storage box. This is very useful in order to preserve the fruit as long as possible whatever the variety of table grape you prefer: Chasselas, Muscat… We often ignore it, but preserving the grape well begins by carrying out the good choice when purchasing at the greengrocer or in store. On site, care must be taken to exclude brown and “loose” stems in favor of bunches firmly attached to very green stems.

Optimized grape conservation

Back at home, if you notice grapes coming loose, it is better to remove them. This will prevent the fall phenomenon from spreading to the entire cluster. It is also preferable to cut small individual bunches for optimized conservation. Once this operation is complete, place the grapes in the refrigerator. Ideally without transferring them to a new container because it is better to keep the fruits in their original tray or bag if there is one. Otherwise, you can always place the grapes on absorbent paper then in a slightly perforated insulated bag. When the refrigerator does not have a vegetable drawer, simply place the grapes on the bottom shelf, at the bottom. This is generally where the cold is most intense.

Avoid soaking the grapes to preserve them

The unstoppable tip for keeping grapes completely fresh is not to wash them until you are going to eat them. Because soaking fruit before putting it in the refrigerator creates excess moisture which accelerates the decomposition process between the bunches. Finally, once the grapes are in the refrigerator, it is better to keep them away from odorous foods such as garlic or onion, as they could pick up their particularly pronounced odor. Eating a “garlic flavored” grape: you could dream of better. It will then be enough to remember to remove the bunches of grapes from the refrigerator 30 minutes before consuming them for ideal tasting at the right temperature.

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