What to drink with sheep's cheese?

Roquefort, Ossau-Iraty, Pérail… completely different cheeses and yet all produced from sheep’s milk. Very tasty and with a strong taste, it can be difficult to find the wine that matches these cheeses. Our recommendations for successful cheese-wine pairings.
Let’s first head towards the central massif to discover the Pérail. It is a smooth and fresh sheep’s cheese that leaves an impression of softness in the mouth. Its discreetly salty notes call for a dry and taut white wine like an Aligoté from Burgundy or a rather young Chardonnay.

Domaine de Loye – Menetou-Salon 2015 – White
Loire, Menetou-Salon

Let’s then stop in the Pyrenees to taste a piece of Ossau-Iraty. Its texture is both supple and firm, and its taste is very pronounced, with an animal touch. For a recipe for zucchini gratin with rice and Ossau-Iraty, a white with vegetal notes and good strength will be suitable. For example, open a fruity Sauvignon from the south of France, not necessarily aged in oak barrels.

Domaine Laurens – Like a Sunday under a cherry tree 2016 – White
South-West, Wine of France

Finally, let’s take a trip to Greece, enjoy feta, sheep’s and goat’s cheese, in a Greek feta salad. This strong-tasting cheese has remarkable acidity. If you’re lucky and find a Greek white wine made from the Assyrtiko grape variety, that’s a real bonus! Otherwise, look for a white from the south of France, which will reveal a nice tension and sufficient character to cope with this colorful salad.

La Colombière – Le Grand B. 2015 – White
South-West, Wine of France

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