Why do fruits and vegetables taste less?

If over the past few years you have had the impression that your favorite fruits and vegetables no longer taste the same, or even have no taste at all, it is no coincidence. Over time, producers and mass retailers have favored varieties of fruits and vegetables with better resistance to disease, a longer shelf life or a more attractive appearance… often to the detriment of flavor.

More resistant, less taste

For several years, the consumer association CLCV has highlighted the cruel lack of flavor in fruits sold in supermarkets, in particular apricots, strawberries and even melons. Questioned by “Le Parisien”*, the general delegate of the CLCV François Carlier explains that “for logistical reasons and because it has the phobia of suffering too many losses during transport by truck, large-scale distribution favors more resistant fruit varieties rather than varieties that are good on the palate.

Harvested not ripe enough

Fruits and vegetables intended for large-scale distribution are generally harvested before they are fully ripe in order to extend their life during transport and storage, and so that they do not arrive on the shelves already spoiled, therefore unsaleable. . The temperatures during this transport, which sometimes drop to 4°C, reports “Le Parisien”, have a significant impact on the quality of the products both in terms of taste and benefits. For fruits like strawberries or tomatoes, which are sensitive to temperature, being stored at too low temperatures inevitably alters their flavor, their sugar content and their vitamin concentration.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

We can't say it enough, but seasonality plays an essential role in the quality and flavor of fruits and vegetables. Produce grown and eaten in season has a stronger taste, fresher texture and better nutrient content. Strawberries, zucchini or tomatoes grown out of season and transported long distances will necessarily have less taste than in summer, the season in which they should be harvested. Furthermore, opting for seasonal products has a real environmental impact, because they require fewer resources for their production and transport.

To rediscover the authentic taste of fruits and vegetables and make your best spring recipes, turn to local sources, where the products are fresher, in season and picked when ripe.

* Why are our fruits tasteless?

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