Why do we love spritz in summer?

To add a little sunshine to your cocktails, welcome to the spritz, the Venetian aperitif drink par excellence. An ideal slow drink in front of the sunsets on vacation, or for afterwork on the terraces in the city. An inspiring cocktail that testifies to the return of bitterness and spirits at aperitif time.

What is spritz?

It is a mixture of dry white wine or prosecco, with sparkling water or seltzer water and liqueur (Aperol, red Campari) without forgetting ice cubes and slices of lemon or orange. The spritz should continue to establish itself this season as the summer drink that we enjoy while nibbling on unlimited antipasti. And what if this was la dolce vita?

Spritz variations

From the original recipe, many variations of spritz are possible. Declined with martini, cranberry juice, or even clementine juice, anything is possible. In summer, we think of all the freshly squeezed juices based on strawberry, raspberry, watermelon or melon which, combined with Aperol, prosecco, and citrus slices, reinvent the spritz in a summer version.

The recipe for the classic spritz cocktail

Ingredients for 1 person

sparkling water
Ice cubes
1 slice of orange

Fill a glass with ice cubes.
Add equal parts prosecco and Aperol.
Finish with a splash of sparkling water and 1 slice of orange.
Mix and serve.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
To consume with moderation.

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