You had no idea that cinnamon could do you so much good

The slimming benefits of cinnamon

If we cannot (decently) eat exclusively cinnamon, adding it to all our dishes/desserts/infusions could well help us lighten up! Indeed, cinnamon calms cravings, and its flavor, which is reminiscent of sugar, allows you to ease up on the sweetening agents in cakes or yogurts. And even if it is consumed in tiny quantities, its richness in fiber helps speed up transit.

The health benefits of cinnamon

In addition to its slimming benefits, cinnamon also regulates blood sugar levels, making it a food of choice for diabetics. But the virtues of cinnamon don’t stop there. In the heart of autumn and winter, it is an ally against everyday ailments thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic action, which acts on the oral, intestinal, urinary and respiratory levels. Whether you have a cold, the beginning of the flu, mouth irritation, diarrhea, or stomach aches, we rely on cinnamon.

The beauty benefits of cinnamon

If cinnamon can be described as a “beauty” food, it is thanks to its high level of antioxidants which protect the cells of our body from skin aging. But the action of antioxidants does not stop there, since they act at several levels and also have a protective role against certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, macular degeneration and even Alzheimer’s disease.

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