How to revive wilted basil?

Aromatic herbs are the perfect solution to enhance our recipes. Chopped and placed at the last moment on our dishes, they bring the right dose of herbaceousness. Parsley, coriander, chives, chervil, so many distinct flavors that take the taste buds on a journey. Among the best-known herbs, we ask for basil! Starred in its pesto version, basil enhances pizza, pasta, and other “-a” delights in Italian cuisine, even if it is used in many other countries. However, as delicious as it is, basil has one fault and not the least, it wilts in record time even if it is kept in the refrigerator…

The solution to revive basil

Buying a bunch of basil and seeing it wilt within 24 hours is unfortunately common for many of us. To remedy this pitfall, there is a very simple solution. Simply immerse the whole branches or detached leaves in a salad bowl with water, all placed in a cool place. On contact with the cold liquid, the leaves firm up and regain their vigor. Fresh water, basil Botox? We’re this close to writing it! With this cosmetic tip, the herb will easily last a few more days. Of course, this advice can be optional, especially if the ambition is to mix everything into pesto.

And if it works with basil, why not repeat the experience with other aromatic herbs?

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