1 in 5 young people would not be able to recognize a zucchini

On market stalls, cucumbers and zucchini would confuse the visual sensors, at least those of young people. In a survey published by Harris Interactive on Tuesday March 5, 18% of 15-24 year olds would see a cucumber (or even an eggplant for 2%), facing the photo of a zucchini. Worrying? Olivia Grégoire, Minister for Consumer Affairs, announced that she wanted to strengthen “the food education of the French”.

A call for “equal opportunities”.

Olivia Grégoire explained it at a press conference: “It is low-income families who consume the most processed foods, and do not have time to cook because they have strange schedules.” Between small budgets, inflation and lack of time, the French are turning to ready-made meals.

Pasta, for example, is often considered a “student dish”. Unsurprisingly, 89% of 15-24 year olds favor starchy foods, and 40% prefer canned and jarred foods. In short, a lack of fresh produce in young people's diets. Faced with this observation, the government wishes to strengthen the food education of the French, and encourage them to consume a healthier diet “food education is a social subject which sustainably structures our consumption habits and shapes the future of our children » continues the Minister Delegate.

Eating well: an issue among young people

Among 15-24 year olds, 59% tend to go to fast food restaurants. A consumption habit that would not entirely be a choice. For good reason, if they could, 92% of young people say they would like to eat and cook more fresh vegetables every day.

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