6 spices to have in your cupboard in autumn

One thing is certain: comfort food and its spicy recipes are on the menu every fall. Certain spices are essential for fall. They spice up, warm and flavor our preparations to perfection, whether savory or sweet.


It is the essential of the season since it manages to slip into all sweet preparations. Compotes, pies, cakes, it’s hard not to sprinkle them with cinnamon. We recommend the cinnamon apple combination, always delicious. Also remember to put a little cinnamon in your hot drinks. How about a cinnamon hot chocolate in front of a Halloween movie? In addition to benefiting from its antioxidant benefits, it brings a very pleasant spicy touch to the palate. You can also use it in savory preparations such as tagines or in vegetable soups for example.


It can be used from starter to dessert including drinks in the same way as cinnamon. If we enjoy it in cocktails in summer, we will prefer it in our herbal teas in the fall. Powdered ginger will be used in sweet preparations while fresh ginger will be useful in our savory dishes. It is often used for meat marinades but also in Asian dishes such as the famous General Tao chicken.


We find it in our French classics such as pot-au-feu, blanquette de veau or in beef stews. Perfect for warming up when it’s cold, the spice can be combined with cinnamon and nutmeg for recipes that will be perfect in autumn.

Star anise

Essential for poaching fruit or preparing mulled wine, star anise with its autumn flavor delicately perfumes our preparations. Add it to your mirabelle plum jam for example or to a good pear or apple jam. This may seem surprising to you, but spice is also very appreciable in a fish dish.

The Nutmeg

It is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also helps reduce joint pain and treat nausea and bloating. If the day after Halloween you are bloated, slip some into your hot drink to detoxify from your meals the day before. Nutmeg in a salted version goes perfectly with béchamel in a gratin but also in stews or grilled vegetables. On the sweet side, we advise you to add it to your cookie or pie dough.


It is a spice that has pep due to its color but also its taste. It slips into all tagines, simmered vegetables, meat and fish dishes. To make the most of its antioxidant benefits, simply add it to the cooking water of your rice for example or after cooking if you want it to be spicier.

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