60 easy recipes for large summer tables

The summer table season has begun. But that doesn’t mean spending all your time in the kitchen. Tips and recipes.

Under the midday sun or at dusk, summer tables mark our most beautiful memories. You still have to find something to delight your guests! If possible without taking your head. After all, these reunions between friends and family only require one thing for everything to go perfectly: simplicity. For that, here are our tips and recipes to facilitate your organization.

What to cook for a large table?

Summer dishes to share…

If there is one thing to remember about gatherings with friends or family, it is sharing. No more plated service, make way for large tarts, mixed salads, spreads and cakes to divide.
So let’s prepare big, memorable dishes, without the fuss, with recipes that are quicker and easier to cook than individual bites that take time to prepare.

But be careful, simplicity of service does not mean simplicity of taste. We can of course rely on classic flavors if we feel like it, but why not surprise our guests a little with unexpected recipes? Adding an unknown herb or spice, marinating meat for long hours before going on the barbecue grill, alternative flours to prepare a savory or sweet pie. We dare and we bewitch!

… In all friendliness

Who says summer table, says conviviality! We are therefore generous with the garnish of our composed salads, our savory pies and our XXL pizzas. We also do not hesitate to serve grilled meats with one or more homemade sauces (it’s better), and finally, we do not forget the multitude of summer fruits that can garnish or accompany the dessert, cocktails, or dishes. And in the grilled fruit version, they are simply divine!

For inspiration, here are 60 special recipes for large summer tables to try without hesitation.

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