Amor calena cocktail with rum and pineau


  • 3 cl of La Hechicera Colombian rum
  • 3 cl of white cocoa cream
  • 3 cl of red Pineau des Charentes
  • 3 cl of Campari
  • morello cherries in syrup


  1. Place ice cubes in the large shaker glass. Pour the rum, white cocoa cream, Pineau des Charentes and Campari into the small shaker glass, then transfer the mixture into the large shaker glass.

  2. Place the filter above the large glass in order to transfer the liquid cooled by the ice cubes into the small glass. Repeat the operation two or three times to cool the liquid thoroughly, before pouring the cocktail into a Martini glass. Decorate with a morello cherry in syrup and enjoy immediately.

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