Bastien Blanc-Tailleur: you have never seen such beautiful cakes

What if a pastry chef was in reality an unaware fashion designer? At least this is the question that we can legitimately ask ourselves when seeing the stunning creations of Bastien Blanc-Tailleur who, beyond a surname evoking the said vocation, imagines cakes and wedding cakes worthy of the creations. the most coveted haute couture. Delicate sugar flowers in shimmering hues, cultured pearls and lace all in gilding, grandiloquent volumes and meticulous details… Each of his tailor-made pieces reflects the know-how of an artisan coupled with the visionary spirit of an outstanding designer. -peer. “These are cakes that are very decorated, with a real artistic creative approach behind them” explains this specialist in wedding and event cakes who boasts a faultless learning path. A native of Haute-Savoie, the man who was predestined for the art of pastry making at the age of 15 studied with the biggest names in traditional gastronomy, whether at the Carette tea room, under the aegis of Yannick Alléno at the three-star Pavillon Ledoyen or at the Four Seasons George V hotel. At the age of 25, he began to create his first set pieces, including that of the wedding of the wedding planner Alejandra Poupel, the creation of which then required between 300 and 400 hours of work. A commission which will serve as a trigger, revealing to daylight an ambition which has its origins in the childhood of a born artist.

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Legacy Excellence

Because if Bastien Blanc-Tailleur has everything of the accomplished self-made man, this virtuoso of high-end pastry making is above all the guarantor of a family heritage, mentioning without detour the intimate links which unite his vocation with the passions of his parents. “I come from a family of collectors. It’s a form of family tradition that I perpetuate with baking,” he confides, emphasizing his family’s taste for rare antiques, master paintings, art and drawing. An inclination that he now extends to books and baking molds, the latter displaying shapes worthy of the most sumptuous details of world historical heritage. “Last year, we made a very architectural cake inspired by the Milan Cathedral. We reproduced all the details, remade molds, sculpted all the arcades, doors, arches, bought the plans of the Milan Cathedral to guide the entire creation of the cake…” says this self-confessed perfectionist who denies favoring the aesthetics of his cake on his taste. Biscuit or mousse bases, local products and traditional recipes, Bastien Blanc-Tailleur summons French culinary heritage to serve pastries whose aromas are matched only by splendor, seducing foreign clients coming to marry in a land of arts and history. “When a couple comes to thank me for my work, they are often also impressed by the taste of the cake. It’s really very important to me,” adds the pastry chef. Or the art of elegantly combining the beautiful and the good, without moderation.

A new collection of gems

In addition to its ultra-vip confectionery service, Bastien Blanc-Tailleur now offers a more accessible collection of exceptional cakes. With forty-five models with all different inspirations, everyone will find what resonates with their dreams. Always aiming to make this experience unforgettable, you can also choose your recipe from among the nine offered. In a spring mood, you can then opt for n°25 combined with the “Orange and almond” recipe composed of a delicate Genoa bread biscuit with almonds, candied orange zest, and orange cream. and an almond mousse with the sweet scent of orange blossom. If there is a “Little Mermaid” in you, we recommend n°35, elegantly decorated with corals, starfish and seahorses, matching the “Raspberry and vanilla” recipe. And finally, children will marvel at the castle of cake no. 31 in the collection, to pair with the simple but devilishly delicious 100% chocolate option. Because make no mistake, these high-end pieces are as beautiful as they are good (just imagine!).

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