Chef's recipe: White butter sauce with an Israeli twist by Assaf Granit

What if we rethink our classics? Because we will never stop saying it; in the kitchen, everything is possible. At the head of the kitchen at the Parisian restaurant Shabour, an establishment which received a star in the 2021 Michelin guide, Assaf Granit revisits butter sauce.

Beurre blanc sauce, the essential of French gastronomy

Very quick to prepare, the white butter recipe always brings balm to the heart. Thick and creamy as can be, it is often served with fish or seafood. Its ingredients are simple: butter, shallots, cider vinegar, even white wine, all emulsified in a saucepan and poured as desired over a preparation. What sets it apart from other sauces? Its preparation technique. The latter consists of gradually adding the pieces of butter, while still cold, to the mixture of vinegar and shallots, all stirred in a hot saucepan. By incorporating the butter in pieces, the texture becomes velvety, hence its irresistible reputation.

Recipe for Tahini butter sauce: the new white butter

To prepare the sauce signed by chef Assaf Granit, provide 500 g of butter, 4 sliced ​​white onions, a bunch of thyme and sage, 5 sliced ​​garlic cloves, 3 liters of white wine, 3 liters of liquid cream, 1 liter stock, tahini, salt and sugar brown.

Once the ingredients are combined, cook the onion in butter, add the sage and thyme, then add the garlic, white wine and stock. Reduce by half, then add the cream. Carry out the step again by reducing the mixture by half then add the tahini little by little, until you obtain a thick texture. Finally, add salt and brown sugar to finalize the seasoning. Pour!

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