1 vegetable, 5 recipes: carrot

Raw, cooked, in salad or dessert… Five tasty recipes to enhance carrots in your daily cooking and explore all the flavors of this colorful vegetable.

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In addition to supposedly making you lovable, carrots are a real nutritional bomb. Vitamins and minerals found in carrots, such as vitamin C and zinc, support the immune system and help fight infections. Beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A – the one that gives carrots their lovely color – acts as an antioxidant in the body, neutralizing free radicals and protecting cells against oxidative damage. Regular consumption of carrots also improves skin health, reducing inflammation, promoting healing and giving the skin a natural glow. And that's not all. Carrots are rich in fiber which promotes good digestion and regulates intestinal transit. Incorporating carrots into your diet in different forms, raw, cooked or juiced, is therefore an excellent way to benefit from their benefits.

Choosing carrots wisely

There are different varieties of carrots. Oranges, purples and whites, each has its own characteristics in terms of flavors and textures. Sweeter, purple carrots have a slight nutty taste. Yellow carrots have less pronounced flavors and are crunchier than orange carrots.
Generally, look for carrots that are firm and smooth. Avoid those that are soft, wilted, or have spots and cracks. Medium to small carrots tend to be more tender and flavorful than very large carrots. However, size may vary depending on variety. Regarding the season, the advantage of the carrot is its availability all year round thanks to its ability to be stored for long periods. However, there are spring carrots, harvested from March to June, summer carrots, harvested from July to September, as well as autumn carrots, harvested from October to November.

The carrots are cooked !

In the simplest and quickest way possible, you can steam carrots. This cooking method preserves the nutrients in the carrots. Cut the carrots into slices or sticks, then cook them in a steamer basket for a few minutes until tender. Likewise, to retain all the nutrients, you can eat them raw, just seasoned or marinated. In sticks, they go very well with a spread like hummus and in salads, mixing with other vegetables, dried fruits like grapes or cranberries, nuts and fresh herbs. Roasted or pan-fried with a little olive oil, they make an ideal accompaniment to chicken or fish dishes. Carrots are also delicious in juice form. Place the chopped carrots in a juice extractor, with other fruits such as mango, pineapple or orange, to obtain a fresh juice, to consume immediately. Finally, in a sweet version, carrots can easily be incorporated into your dessert preparations, from traditional carrot cakes to carrot and oatmeal cookies.

Carrot meatballs, halloumi, dill

Easy to prepare and versatile, these meatballs can be served as an appetizer, side dish or even as a main course for a light but delicious meal.

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Carrot, date and pistachio salad

Carrot, date and pistachio salad

This sweet/savory salad enhances the carrot, just seasoned with a light vinaigrette of olive oil, vinegar, lemon, for a starter full of color.

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Little carrot cakes

Little carrot cakes

Combining carrots with spices and dried fruits, all topped with a creamy cream cheese icing, these individual cakes are perfect for a gourmet break, accompanied by a cup of tea or infusion.

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Carrot pancakes

Carrot pancakes

Here is the ideal recipe to learn to love carrots. Crispy and tasty, these pancakes can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a little fromage blanc and fresh herb sauce.

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Carrot, mango and ginger juice

Carrot, mango and ginger juice

Need a little boost? Combining the sweetness of carrots and mango with the liveliness of ginger, this juice is a dose of vitamins at any time of the day!

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