Chicken curry, squash


  • 600 g chicken thighs with skin, boneless

  • 600 g delicata squash
  • 40 g of fresh ginger
  • 2 stalks of lemongrass
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoon(s) of oil
  • 2 round shallots
  • 3 teaspoon(s) Vietnamese or mild curry
  • 40 cl of coconut milk
  • 1 chicken stock cube
  • 400g potatoes
  • 50 g frozen peas (optional)
  • fish sauce

  • Powdered sugar

  • freshly ground pepper

To serve

  • Thai basil, spring onion coriander, lime peppers


  1. Blend the minced ginger and lemongrass, garlic and a few drops of water using an electric chopper until smooth.

  2. Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat and fry the chopped shallots until they begin to turn golden brown.

  3. Add the chicken cut into large pieces and brown it on all sides. Add the ginger mixture and stir well.

  4. Sprinkle the curry mixture, mix to coat all the chicken pieces well.

  5. Add the coconut milk, 10 cl of water and 1 stock cube. Bring to a gentle simmer.

  6. Add the potatoes, cut into 2 cm cubes, and the squash, into 4 cm pieces, and stir.

  7. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Add the peas, 1.5 tbsp. tablespoon of fish sauce, 1 tbsp. teaspoon of sugar, pepper, and continue cooking for 8 to 10 minutes.

  8. Garnish with basil or coriander leaves, spring onion slices and small peppers when serving. Add a squeeze of lime.

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