Discover different ways to make homemade breadcrumbs

An anti-waste tip with our cupboard bases

Running out of breadcrumbs or simply tired of your usual breading? Many practical ideas exist, you will inevitably find the one that suits you best. You may not know it yet, but your cupboards will finally come out of the dark, because they can be used to make crispy breadcrumbs that are very easy to make.

Stale bread

No, stale bread isn't just for making French toast! This tip is ideal for combating food waste. Your bread must be very dry, so that it can be mixed and reduced to powder, or otherwise put it in the oven at 100°C. If you don't have bread on hand, you can use rusks.

Oilseeds and dried fruits

Rich in fatty acids, oilseeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts) and seeds (sesame, squash, sunflower, flax) mixed together form an original breading with a unique taste and which remains crisp whatever the type of cooking. .

Cornflakes, oatmeal and muesli

To make your dishes even crunchier, don't hesitate to use your imagination. The cornflakes will add a beautiful golden color to your breading. As for oat flakes and muesli, they resist heat and bring an ultra-crunchy side to your preparation.

Polenta or fine semolina

Yes, semolina can be used as breadcrumbs! Choose a very thin one and you will see the result: an even crispier coating.

Chips or crackers

Did you have an aperitif the day before and still have some crackers and small dry, salty biscuits left? Crumble them and that’s it. As for the already crispy chips, sometimes seasoned, they will give a boost to your preparation as breadcrumbs.

How to store your breadcrumbs?

Once the breadcrumbs are made, the question of conservation arises. Place your breadcrumbs in an airtight glass or stainless steel container ideal for storing bread, ground or coffee beans, cereals, etc. The breadcrumbs will keep for up to two months if they are in one of your cupboards at room temperature. You can also freeze the breadcrumbs. Place it in freezer bags and it will keep for about six months.

What to do with breadcrumbs?

Breaded recipes are loved by children. They allow them to appreciate vegetables or dishes that they like less. Cordon bleus, nuggets, croquettes, or even vegetable gratins, there is no shortage of ideas. Even for a breaded chicken or fish fillet, you don't have to use a whole egg. The breadcrumbs will be lighter if you dip your preparation only in the egg white. Your breadcrumbs will also be used to thicken certain sauces or to obtain a crispy pie crust. Want to surprise your guests or bring originality to your dishes? Enhance your homemade breadcrumbs with aromatic herbs, seeds, garlic powder, vegetable trimmings, cheese, mustard or even spices. Give way to your creativity!

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