Exclusively: chef Thomas Prod'homme reveals his recipe for squid with caramelized celery and citrus fruits

The tracks, the little squids adored

The sea on the plate… With their light aromas of roasted hazelnuts, their firm texture and very small size, the slopes are very delicious. Chef Thomas Prod'homme suggests cooking them with celery and citron for the citrus note, enough to awaken the taste buds and get off the beaten track. Easy to cook, the trails are cooked in no time in the pan. This gourmet recipe is very simple to make at home. So show off your cooking skills, put on your apron or your skis and dare to hit the slopes, culinary or snowy!

For the chef, a recipe rich in meaning

“Green slope or black slope” is a recipe that the chef serves on a glass plate. A subtle way of representing the Grand Bec massif, visible from the Strato terrace where he offers his culinary ideas. He adds a glass powder (not to be consumed) around the edge of the plate, to represent fresh mountain snow and that's it!

Recipe for “Green Track or Black Track? »

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To make the chef's recipe, get 100 g of Mediterranean strips (very small squid), 40 g of celery, 20g of citron, 10g of black garlic and black shallot, 2 g of small leaves parsley and coriander, 10g of parsley sauce and ink sauce, 10g of butter and a small quantity of liquid cream.


Clean the tracks, keeping the inside, then make the sauce. Then brown the inside of the tracks in olive oil with chopped shallot then deglaze with white wine. Reduce then cream with a touch of liquid cream. Then, to create a “green track” and a “black track”, divide the preparation in two. Mix one part with parsley and the other with squid ink.

Preparing the filling

Using a mandolin, cut celery strips. Place them at the bottom of a saucepan, moisten them to the height with chicken broth (available in supermarkets or to prepare yourself, add the butter, bay leaf, thyme and star anise. Leave to cook until the broth has completely evaporated. Cover off the heat so that the steam helps loosen the celery strips.

Dressing the recipe

Make tentacle chips. To do this, flour the trail tentacles and immerse them in frying oil heated to 160°C. When dressing, for the black slope: add coriander sprigs, black shallot, lime zest, citron brunoise and tentacle chips. Then, for the green trail: add parsley sprigs, black garlic, lemon zest, citron brunoise and tentacle chips.

All you have to do is taste and choose your camp: green or black slope?

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