Girl dinner: dinners without cooking from ELLE journalists

Sandrine Furet

“My girl competition dinner is like breakfast. A large bowl of hot milk with three teaspoons of my friend Ricoré, accompanied by beautiful slices of traditional bread and cereal rusks spread with the essential semi-salted butter which I happily dip into my bowl. All this under the watchful eye of my dog ​​who doesn’t miss a beat! The kif… Who said that solo dinners were sad? »

Ilaria Casati

“Mine is very rital, obviously. As the concept involves zero dishes and zero utensils, I prepare a dinner that looks like an aperitif: butter bruschetta with a fillet of anchovies and I grate lemon on top with mozzarella cut in half and stuffed with bottarga and with lime. A glass of white. And for dessert, squares of dark chocolate with almonds. »

Alice Augustin

“I stock the cupboards because my mental load is not so much cooking as shopping. So, it looks like breakfast: buckwheat rusks, spread with semi-salted butter and, if I have some, I add a slice of industrial Emmental, but organic all the same! To finish with something sweet, fresh and satisfying, I prepare a bowl of cereal: organic oat flakes, Oatly oat milk (because it’s fattier) and sugar. Even better in front of a series! »

Constance Dovergne

“The ritual was born on a day of absolute scarcity during my student years and has never changed since: a splash of water in a saucepan, 1 stock cube, 1 large handful of alphabet pasta, I let it cook (or rather confire) until evaporated, then I add three Laughing Cows, a dash of Arome Maggi, and mix with a fork. I do it at least three times a week: it’s my ultimate comfort, the emblem of my laziness, a middle finger to everything my career has taught me about the principles of nutrition, and my only remedy for hangover ! »

Delphine Gautherin

“Three toasts, no hassle!” I toast two or three slices of bread. I prepare guacamole with a drizzle of lemon juice and fleur de sel. And I grate 1 hard-boiled egg from the day before. Version 1: I spread guacamole on the bread, sprinkled with grated egg and zaatar. Version 2: I twist this recipe with guacamole spices. Version 3: I spread goat cheese on the bread, enhanced with guacamole, grated egg and tzatziki spices. »

Patrick Williams

“Ah the grated sardines and carrots with its farandole of cherry tomatoes… What a treat! A frugal and simple meal, which is my favorite “Man dinner”. Instead, choose a can of boneless sardines (laziness…). The crispy buttered bread mixture combined with the harsh and fishy flavor of the sardine works wonders. A must. »

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