Here's why you shouldn't prepare your fruit salad the day before

A fruit salad prepared the day before will be less tasty

You like to prepare meals in advance, making sure that the fruit salad will be fresh for Sunday lunch, and yet planning ahead is not always the best solution. For good reason, once cut and mixed, the fruits are in direct contact with the ambient air and, covered, with the other fruits. Those which release ethylene (such as apples, pears or bananas), a natural gas contained in so-called “climacteric” fruits, will accelerate the ripening process of the other fruits present in the salad. As a result, they will become black and softened. Not to mention that after just a few minutes, the fruits cook due to the presence of other fruits or acidic juices, such as lemon or orange. As a result, by preparing it the day before, your fruit salad will certainly be fresh, but softened! Regarding fruits that release ethylene, we remind you that they must be consumed quickly after cutting. Otherwise, upon contact with air and ethylene from other fruits, they turn black very quickly.

Prepare your fruit salad at the right time

So focus on preparing your fruit salad when serving it. To keep it fresh, place the fruit in the refrigerator 1 hour earlier. In this way, they will be fresh, and protected in their skin from any overexposure to the ambient air. Once the salad is ready, serve or place it in the refrigerator for ten minutes (no more), covered with aluminum foil.

Treat yourself !

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