How to choose the right watermelon at a glance

Thirst-quenching, rich in water and tasty, watermelon is the star fruit of summer. When you choose it, it’s difficult to know what you’re taking home. At the same time, the watermelon rind is hard and particularly thick. It is therefore impossible to see what is happening inside. Is it soft or perfect? To no longer have the unpleasant surprise of an underripe or overripe watermelon once cut, here is how, at a glance, to buy the right watermelon for sure.

Watermelon: a question of weight

“To know the watermelon is ripe, weigh it. The heavier it is, the more it is loaded with sugar water”

To be sure, take the watermelon in your hands and, comparing it with others, pay attention to the weight of each one. The heaviest will be the most loaded with sugar water and in 99% of cases, the best. “A watermelon that is good to eat is a particularly sweet watermelon. It is therefore important that it is very heavy.”

If the watermelon is very heavy but visually “less beautiful” than the others, don’t worry. “I think that the pleasure of eating well is having products that have taste. I prefer a product that has taste, even if it is not particularly very beautiful, rather than a very beautiful product that does not have so much taste. At least, this is my vision of eating well.”

Also, second little tip, “by lightly tapping the watermelon, try to hear a resonance”, this will mean that it is very ripe.

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