How to entertain around an Italian aperitif?

An Italian appetizer with typical flavors

Gorgonzola, mozzarella, provolone or parmesan for the cheese; bresaola, coppa, Parma ham for cold cuts; without forgetting the famous mascarpone, Italy is rich and prolific in products, easy to find in stores, specialized grocery stores or from artisans. To bluff, we rely on surprising preparations like this recipe for breaded mozzarella a la plancha, with the good taste of pistachio, pepper and thyme, melting just right. For top service, avoid cutting it in front of the guests and serve it in individual cups. Also perfect are the gorgonzola candies, runny and crispy at the same time, to chew while still hot, and the melting mozzarella di bufala croquettes. Added to this are the famous crostini, the unmissable star of the Italian aperitif. Easy to make and inexpensive, they are the ideal option for a convivial aperitif ready at the drop of a hat.

An Italian aperitif with regional preparations

Enjoy pizza in Naples, risotto in Piedmont, tiramisu in Tuscany, not forgetting lambrusco in Emilia-Romagna, each region of Italy has its own specialties, each as tasty as the next. For an aperitif, we opt for the famous pizza, which is served in a mini or whole version to be cut in front of the guests. Simply cooked with tomato sauce and cheese, it can also be prepared in a white version with sage. The typical antipasti are also excellent, to be prepared by drying strips of garlicky zucchini in the oven.

Desserts for an Italian aperitif

Serving an Italian aperitif without dessert is impossible! In verrines or individual bites, we think of panna cotta with lemon thyme, tiramisu, or even “baci” biscuits, to be prepared in advance. To add a trendy touch that breaks the rules, we play with mismatched tableware. And if you're in a hurry, we prepare an affogato, a maddening mixture of ice cream and coffee, two emblems of Italy, for a quick dessert to serve topped with whipped cream. Buon appetito!

© Virginie Garnier

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