1 vegetable, 5 recipes: radish

Whether white, black or pink – our favorites in spring – radishes are synonymous with crunchiness and vitamins. For good reason, they are mainly eaten in the crunch for their freshness and texture.

The good choice. We choose them firm, without spots or bruises, with very green foliage (for pink radishes in bunches).

The classic recipe. If the term “recipe” is somewhat exaggerated given the few steps or ingredients of the dish, the radish works wonders in the “croque au sel” version with a little fleur de sel – lots of butter – and some nice country bread, toasted or not.

The variant. Why not prepare radish butter to slip into a spring sandwich to take on a picnic? Instead of eating the butter with the radishes, we integrate the small vegetables cut into brunoise in the softened butter. The same ingredients, in a different form! We push the exercise further by combining pink and black radishes, with different tastes, and chopped chives.

Radish bagel, peas, goat cheese

In this recipe, it is the goat cheese combined with peas that serves as a spread. A perfect spring delight, to take on the go or as a perfect recipe for teleworking.

Discover the recipe for Radish, pea and goat cheese bagel

Radish and iodized butter

To change from classic butter, whether soft or semi-salted, mix briefly poached oysters with softened butter, for a subtle iodized note.
Discover the recipe for Radishes and iodized butter

© Valéry Guedes

Cream of radish tops, feta and popcorn

Here, it is not the little crunchy radishes that are in the spotlight but rather the tops, too often thrown away.

Discover the recipe for Velouté of radish tops, feta and popcorn


© Pierre Baëlen

Radish and cucumber pickles

Small radishes can be sweet or spicy. What if we added a sweet and tangy touch to them like these clever pickles?

Discover the recipe for Radish and Cucumber Pickles

Vegetable pickles

© David Japy

Lentil salad with goat cheese and hazelnuts

Between warm lentils, biting cheese, and crunchy radishes, this salad has it all!

Discover the recipe for Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese and Hazelnuts

Lentil-with-chevre-and-hazelnuts salad

© Quitoque

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