How to properly store champagne?

How to store champagne before opening?

Unlike wine, champagne does not improve with time. It is in fact marketed at maturity. However, it is possible to keep it for a few years without it deteriorating. Sensitive to light, drafts, and temperature variations, the ideal is to store it in a cellar, at a temperature between 10°C and 15°C. If the bottle and the sparkling wine do not particularly fear humidity, the cork could be attacked by mold, thus changing the taste of the champagne.

Concerning the position of the champagne bottle, there are two schools. While some advocate storage upright, because this minimizes the risk of contact between the cork and the wine, most winegrowers recommend storing the bottle lying down.
Light remains the great enemy of champagne. If you do not have a cellar, the ideal is to keep the bottle lying down in its box.

How to store champagne after opening?

Keeping champagne sparkling after opening is no easy task. It is best to re-cap it with a special sparkling wine airtight cap. You can easily find them in stores for around ten euros. With it, we can keep the bubbles for up to 48 hours, by placing our champagne in the refrigerator. Concerning the technique of the small silver spoon placed in the neck, this is indeed a myth. Even without a cork, champagne retains its bubbles for up to 24 hours after opening if placed in a cool place.

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