How to successfully glaze your donuts?

How to make donuts?

The donut is a yeast dough donut, with a hole in its center, which is fried to be nicely and evenly golden. Once cooked, it can be garnished with caster sugar, ice cream or snow before being served. It can also be covered with gourmet icing, colored or not, to finalize the decor, before adding edible glitter, colored sprinkles, or sugar rose petals as desired.

The ideal frosting

To add a festive touch to your donuts, don’t hesitate to cover them with a pretty colored icing made from icing sugar. Yes, the donut is a sweet treat rich in fat and sugar, but also what makes it so charming!

On the production side, for 10 donuts, whisk 120g of icing sugar with 2.5 cl of milk and a few drops of lemon juice, until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. You can also add a few drops of coloring and mix vigorously to even out the color. You can also mix the icing roughly to obtain a marbled icing. Good to know, if the icing is too thick, thin it out with a little milk, and if on the contrary it is too liquid, firm it up by adding sugar. In fact, the icing must be thick enough to “hold” on the donut and become opaque.

As soon as the fried donuts are warm, turn them over and dip the tops into the glaze. Let the excess icing run off and place them on a rack, turning them over to let the icing set. You can add toppings but this step is optional. Finally, wait until the icing becomes opaque and no longer sticks to your finger before enjoying.

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