How to turn a glass of milk into a wellness drink with just one ingredient

Milk is not only used to create flans, brioches, rice pudding or vegetable soup, it is above all a drink rich in taste and virtues.

A nice glass of hot milk… and off to bed

Renowned for millennia for its supply of calcium and vitamin D, milk is a neutral drink, since it supports all types of flavors.

Beyond taking us back to childhood, the glass of milk is one of grandmother’s traditional tricks: a good glass of hot milk before bed and head for the arms of Morpheus.

And for good reason, tryptophan, an acid essential to the body that it cannot produce itself, contained in lactose, promotes the production of melatonin; a molecule present in the brain that promotes sleep.

For those who tolerate lactose, here are four ideas to quickly spice up your glass of milk and make it the ultimate well-being drink, thanks to the addition of a simple ingredient.

What ingredients should you add to your glass of milk?

Milk with honey

In addition to the amber flavor that it brings when mixed with milk, honey is an excellent antibacterial. Whether it is based on flower, lavender or chestnut, it is recommended to relieve sore throats. This unprocessed food created by bees is a true elixir whose antioxidants promote healing and cell regeneration. A source of sugar too, which diabetics can benefit from, since it is, according to nutritionists, a good alternative to sweets.

Milk with maple syrup

If there’s one delicious food that’s full of antioxidants, it’s maple syrup. Through its power to preserve cell youth, this molecule prevents skin aging, cardiovascular diseases, cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease. To stay in great shape, a simple teaspoon (or tablespoon for those with a sweet tooth) of this typically Canadian syrup poured into a glass of milk every day will be enough to help maintain your cellular strength.

The great classic: cocoa milk

Be careful to differentiate between cocoa powder and hot chocolate preparations, which are often very sweet. All you need is a good dosage and careful reading of the label of the chosen cocoa to benefit from its proteins. With 22.4g of this molecule present in 100g of soluble cocoa powder*, you can be sure that your glass of chocolate milk will help reduce the storage of fat present in the body.

Almond puree

The almond is not only consumed in powder or raw form, you slip a little almond puree into your glass to enjoy its perfect marriage with lactose. Belonging to the oilseed family, almonds provide a high amount of dietary fiber, ideal for digestion.

Simple, quick and light on the wallet, you will rediscover what milk has to offer you.

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