I'm a cooking journalist and here are the 3 fall desserts that I love

As in fashion, the plate adapts to the elements. While the correlation between dish or dessert and seasonal fruit is obvious, other more timeless flavors are intrinsically associated with fall. I’m obviously thinking of autumnal spices, cinnamon at the top of the list, which warms the most basic of cake doughs, or ginger and fennel seeds, essential in the legendary gingerbread. Chocolate, while perfect all year round, remains a classic for colder days. Semi-cooked with chocolate, fondue with fresh fruit, tart with intense ganache, chocolate is to sweet what cheese is to savory: a transformist that excels in all roles. Another flavor that delights me is that of coffee. I know it is divisive, yet I dare to serve it to those who like it least by softening it in my own way to satisfy all palates. Here are some of my favorite fall treats.

Recipe no. 1: banana chocolate fondant

This recipe has followed me for many years now. Although I have a lot of difficulty accepting bananas in the raw version, this is not the case when they are cooked, especially if they are heavily covered in chocolate!

In my kitchen ? I melt 100 g of semi-salted butter and 200 g of dark chocolate. Separately, I mix 3 eggs, 60 g of brown sugar, 50 g of flour, 80 g of almond powder, and 1 tbsp. teaspoon of baking powder. I pour the dough into a springform pan (round mold with edges 5/6 cm high), and I place 3 bananas cut into slices on top. I bake for around 18 minutes at 180°C.

Baking time depends on the size of your mold. If your mold is rather large, reduce the time by 1 to 2 minutes.
Be careful, this fondant is very tender, after cooking you must let it cool so that it takes on “body”.

© Marjolaine Daguerre

Recipe no. 2: praline dessert cream

Easier is harder! I put all the ingredients in the bowl of my food processor (Thermomix) and let it run. A delight with the perfect consistency, creamy as can be desired.

In my kitchen ? In the mixer bowl, I put 40 cl of whole milk, 2 eggs and 15 g of cornstarch, mix quickly then cook until thickened. I add 180 g of Pralinoise, 100 g of dark pastry chocolate, and 1 tbsp. teaspoon of fleur de sel. I let it cook for 9 minutes at slow speed. I let it cool completely in the bowl then I mix quickly one last time to remove the skin that will have formed on top.

If you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry, you can make this recipe in a pan. Simply cook the cream over low heat, stirring frequently.

Recipe no. 3: jam financiers

Financiers are one of my favorite sweets. To temper the fatty side of this travel cake, I integrate a fruity touch inside with jam or marmalade. A delight to accompany with a good hot tea for cold days.

In my kitchen ? I melt 200 g of butter until I obtain brown butter. Separately, I mix 80 g of flour, 30 g of white sugar, 140 g of cane sugar, 120 g of almond powder, 1 pinch of fleur de sel, and I add 7 egg whites. I add the browned butter, and I divide the dough into muffin or financier molds. I add a spoonful of jam of your choice per cake.

In fall/winter, I love incorporating citrus marmalade, but obviously any fruit works!

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