The best waffles in the world by François Perret

Again. After offering us the best French toast in the world, François Perret tackles another childhood monument: waffles. Crispy, golden to perfection, but also easy to make, the pastry chef at the Ritz Paris and Ritz Paris Le Comptoir knows how to appeal to the taste buds of gourmands. If it is its trompe l’oeil desserts which have contributed to its fame, we think of the famous faux marbled chocolate, its candy pink madeleine or even its little schoolboy which have the common point of having nothing in common with the original pastry. The chef does not forget his classics, rather, he elevates them. The proof is made with its madeleines, seasonal or not, which are as successful in stores as its other pastries. Among the other classics whose chef has agreed to share his secrets with us: waffles. A classic of fun fairs but also of holidays by the sea, which brings back good memories. A particularly delicious delight to discover in pictures.

François Perret’s waffle recipe

For 5 or 6 people
Preparation: 10 mins
Cooking: depending on the waffle iron

340 g egg whites
7.5 g of fine salt
55 g brown sugar
190 g of Étrez butter
35 cl of whole milk
310 g of type 55 flour

To serve
Icing sugar, Chantilly cream and grated chocolate
Or chocolate sauce (liquid cream + dark chocolate)

In the bowl of a mixer, gently beat the egg whites. Work them with a whisk to make them rise.
Meanwhile, sift the flour onto a sheet of baking paper. Pour it into a mixing bowl using the foil to help you. Add the brown sugar. Add the cold milk, mixing gently with a whisk until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Bring the butter to the boil. Add the hot butter to the previous mixture.
Finish whipping the whites by adding the salt. When they are soft, stop the mixer.
Mix the two devices using a spatula without dropping the whole thing.
Heat the waffle iron to 200°C. Use a medium ladle with a capacity of 20 cl (10 cm in diameter). Pour the batter onto the waffle iron. Wait 10 seconds before closing it.
Cooking time varies depending on the appliance: stay vigilant.
Once cooked, place the waffles on a rack to keep them crispy.
Accompany according to your desires. Here, they are served with chocolate sauce (mixture of hot cream and melted dark chocolate).

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