Louane: the cooking recipe that she loves and which comes from her mother

We already know he has several talents. On stage or in front of the camera, singer and actress Louane Emera has many strings to her bow. Soon showing Jean-Pierre Émeris’ latest film alongside Michel Blanc, or on the stages of France with his “Le Club des Sentiments” tour from June 22, the one that we discovered ago 10 years on the set of “The Voice” is now an accomplished artist.

However, it was in her kitchen that the editorial staff of ELLE à table invited her to share the secret of a recipe dear to her heart. Because when we offered to shoot the first episode of “Mamma Mia”, Louane did not hesitate for a second, replying: “I have a recipe for chocolate mousse that I got from my mother, you won’t eat it. no two like that! “. Considered sold.

The exercise seems easy at first glance, but it includes certain details specific to this recipe passed down from mother to daughter, such as whipping the egg whites with a fork, a real “secret weapon”. This would, according to our Chef of the day, make the mousse lighter. Another tip, pieces of crystallized chocolate enhance the tasting with a little crunch.

With quick preparation time and few ingredients, chocolate mousse is ideal for delighting large tables. Louane therefore also opts for this recipe during the end of year celebrations. “As I am the only one who succeeds like my mother did, I make chocolate mousse for 18 people every Christmas,” confides the “Secret” singer.

Come on, it’s time to bring your best fork to reproduce our first guest’s recipe.

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Louane’s homemade chocolate mousse recipe

For 2 chocolate mousses

6 egg whites
200g dark chocolate
A few ice cubes

Start by melting the chocolate in a bain-marie.
Meanwhile, clarify the eggs, keeping only the whites.
Place the ice cubes in a dish under the salad bowl to whip the egg whites more easily. Using a fork, beat the whites, turning in the same direction so as not to break the texture of the eggs too much. Continue until you get the egg whites.
Remove the ice cubes then gently mix the melted chocolate with the egg whites.
Arrange the chocolate mousse in two ramekins and leave to rest for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator.

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