No more waste: recycle your watermelon rinds

Watermelon, the star fruit of the summer season, is consumed by 38% of households in France. Who says 38% of purchases says 38% of waste. The reason? When we cut it, we throw the skin in the trash, just like the melon rinds. However, these leftovers are not waste. They can be reused. Too Good To Go, the leader in the fight against food waste, shares its tip: cooking watermelon rinds into pickles.

Watermelon: an ally against heatwaves

Not only is watermelon rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but it is undoubtedly the most thirst-quenching fruit that can be found in case of extreme heat. Composed of 90% water, it will not fail to refresh you, but its assets do not stop there, since even its skin has significant virtues. With anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and collagen production optimization actions, the watermelon rind can also be used as a remedy. In case of sunburn, place a piece on the burned area, it will absorb the heat and relieve your pain.

Watermelon skin, pickled

It’s aperitif time and you’re lacking inspiration? The skin of your watermelon will save the day. Remove the green part of the rind and cut it into small cubes. Bring 30g of cider vinegar to the boil with 4 tbsp. of caster sugar and the spices of your choice, then add the watermelon cubes for 3 minutes. Place the mixture in a jar, keep it cool, with the lid closed, for 24 hours. These pickles can be enjoyed like gherkins, and they will wonderfully liven up any healthy summer salad, or feta.

To your watermelons!

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